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KYŌ KOHEE Singapore



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"Koto", short for "Kotobuki", celebrates health, long life, and vitality.

We use a blend of first harvest, handpicked leaves from Uji, Kyoto to create the powdered tea.
It is ground using a stone mill. 
Multiple varieties are used to enhance the aroma and flavor. 
It is primarily used for high-quality matcha lattes and tea ceremonies.

What is the shelf-life of Matcha?

When stored properly in a cool, dark place in an airtight container, matcha can last up to 6-12 months without significant degradation in quality.
Do check out this blogpost for more information about shelf-life and storage.

Is there free shipping?

Shipping is free within Singapore for orders $100 or more.
For orders below $100, a $4.40 shipping fee is charged.
Please write in to us at if you'd like to purchase our products from outside of Singapore.
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